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United States top 10 state Where Auto Theft Is A Big Problem

We share the top 10 states where auto theft is the most prevalent, common stolen vehicles and ways you can guard yourself against auto theft using ZASCO GPS TRACKER. It should come as no surprise that some of the most populous states in the nation have the most vehicular theft incidents. California, Texas and Florida are among the top ten on the list. Outside of population, vehicles that have outdated security features and individual negligence also heighten the risk for auto theft. As the latest full report detailing crime for each state, the FBI’s 2017 Crime in the United States...

Prevent car/Bike from being stolen

We all know that property safety is very important and there will never be too much care over it. Thousands of vehicles are being stolen every single day, but you can prevent attempts to steal car, truck or bike just by using GPS tracking device. GPS tracking to prevent auto theft