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Functions, Installation & Settings Of CNG Advancer/Emulator

I have a 1999 Honda Civic  which has an engine with a distributor and rotor, unlike new cars that have Coil over Plug ignition system ( Direct Ignition) without a distributor.
I wanted to install an Advancer/ Emulator in my car but the mechanics were not approving it as they said that Advancer cannot be installed in this car mainly due to presence of distributor. So i decided to do it myself.

Here is some info about the Advancers & Emulators.

Function of Emulator

It fools the ECU of your car that the injectors are working and the car is running on petrol even when it is running on CNG.
It also saves your INJECTORS from damage as it turns OFF the injectors when car is running on CNG.

Function of Advancer

It Fools the ECU by manipulating the signals to ECU by various sensors. It intercepts the sensor signals & sends corrected/manipulated signals to the ECU so the ECU Advances the ignition timing as per the sensor signal automatically.
Basically it is installed so that ignition timing of the vehicle remains at default settings for PETROL as u drive on PETROL and automatically advances when you convert to CNG, without having to move the DISTRIBUTOR physically. So the vehicle runs perfectly on PETROL as well as on CNG.

Normal Practice by Local Mechanics
I have seen many EFI cars without Advancer & emulator, (My car was 1 of them). Basically the mechanics cut out the power wires of all injectors so the injectors wont run on CNG. So if u do not wish to mess with the wiring, install an EMULATOR.
They generally don’t install an ADVANCER and set the ignition timing as per CNG & say that u normally run your car on CNG so it is OK but what if we have to run the car on PETROL. It will have less power, jerks, missing and overall crappy engine when running on petrol, unless your retard the timing by moving distributor every time u convert to petrol and again when converting to CNG.
Note: A single loose wire on an EFI car can BURN your ECU costing u Rs 15000-20000.


Installing an EMULATOR only is no problem. It normally has a blue wire which is connected to the blue power wire of CNG Kit solenoid in the engine bay. The black wire is grounded with body and the original holders of injectors are pulled off and plugged into the plugs of EMULATOR and Holders on emulator wire harness are plugged into the injectors. (a 5-Minutes job)

Installing a 2in1 ADVANCER/ EMULATOR
I have seen many different brands but most of them are local made with Chinese chips. Don’t worry even they have different varieties. A good Chinese one will do the job As it did in my case i bought a TOMASETTO LOVATTO NEW CIP-5 in Rs 1800.

You only have to get the correct wiring harness along with it according to your cars brand which you have to find out are the wires from your MAP/MAF sensor & TPS (throttle position sensor).
These wires can be found with the help of a voltmeter. You have to find out the wire that gives variable signal to ECU b/w 0-5 volts.
An easy way to find out the wires is to download the service manual of your car, if you don’t have it already, Google it because the manual will tell you the location of both sensors and the wire you need to know.
Just cut the Signal wire of MAP/MAF sensor and connect with the device wiring as per the diagram below. Than find the wire of TPS but don’t cut it, only peal it a little & connect the yellow wire as per the diagram.
Connect the BLUE wire to power 12v of CNG solenoid;
Ground the black wire to the body;
Connect the holders of fuel injectors as described above,
And you’re done!

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