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Airtel M2M Sim Card for All GPS Devices (With One Year Data Plan+One Year Server Subscription)


KEY Feature :–  Free Data for one Year support all types of gps tracker

  • BRAND               :  Airtel
  • MODEL              :  Airtel M2M
  • SIM CARD         :  Airtel
  • SHIPPING         : Free shipping on all Prepaid Orders
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Hassle Free 10 Days Replacement/Refunds
  • Secure Payments
  • Installation Support Via Youtube Videos/ Whatsapp Call
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Airtel M2M  Sim Card for all Gps tracker with one year data+Server Subscription


Airtel M2M Sim Best and Cheapest

If you device supports any special feature which requires incoming or outgoing facility in the sim card then you have to use a Normal Prepaid sim card like you use in your mobile on daily basis. but recharge of those sim cards are very costly if compare it with our M2M sim cards. for example if you go with your own sim it’s purchase cost will be around Rs 300 from any mobile shop and you have to recharge it with Rs 179 each month (for 12 months. This will cost you a total of Rs 2448 for a year.

One more thing you have to recharge your own Sim cards on time each month because if you don’t, your sim card could be disabled by the operator and you have to again opt for a new sim card and have to change it in to the tracker.

So it is better to buy M2M sim card and be tension free for a period of 12 months.

Note- Our Sim cards does not support Voice monitor or SMS Alerts function in any device because incoming & outgoing Facility & SMS are disabled in our Sim cards. You will only get internet to run these devices





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