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Expert Guide to GPS Trackers for Business

GPS tracking technology provides options for a number of business applications, making your operation run more smoothly, with organization and efficiency. When selecting a GPS tracker for your business use cases, you should consider your specific needs to ensure that you select the best devices for the task. You should be able to answer the following questions: 

  • What type of asset do you need to track? A business tool, a vehicle, a shipment? 
  • How long will you be tracking? Temporarily, permanently? 
  • How many assets need to be tracked? A single item, a fleet of vehicles? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you determine the most appropriate ZascoGPS tracking device for your needs. We provide a variety of options for each use case, ensuring that you have what you need to get the job done. The devices we offer are detailed below, with common use case examples, to help you determine the best option for your application.

Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker

The Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker is our smallest battery-powered tracking device. It’s smaller than a cell phone and is the most popular option for users who are tracking people, smaller assets, and vehicles in the short term. Because of its compact size and shorter battery life (approximately 14 hours of continuous tracking, or about 2 weeks of tracking based on an average of 1 hour of use per day), it’s not considered the best option for covert monitoring or fleet tracking on an ongoing basis. 

One of the most popular uses of the Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker is retail loss prevention. Since this device is compact and battery-powered, it can be easily stowed in a real or dummy retail package and tracked in the event that it leaves the store without being purchased. 

Another popular use for the Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker is for employees, like police officers, detectives, or social workers, who may be tasked with going to potentially dangerous locations. Since this tracker has a panic button, the person carrying it can easily press that button to call for emergency back-up or assistance in the event of an altercation.

GPS Asset Tracker – 3 Month Battery

The GPS Asset Tracker with 3 Month Battery is the appropriate option for longer-term battery-powered tracking, as well as slap-and-track operations performed by law enforcement teams. The device features a built-in magnetic mount, making it easy to attach it to the underside of a vehicle for tracking purposes. It can be purchased with an extended battery pack which makes it capable of covertly tracking for about 3 months if used for an average of an hour per day. 

One of the most common uses of this tracker is monitoring heavy equipment on construction sites and farms. Because the wiring is not required, the device can be discreetly anchored to the equipment and you can set a notification to alert you if the equipment becomes mobile.

Plug-In Fleet Tracking Device

The Plug-In Fleet Tracking Device plugs into the OBD port of your vehicle, providing live tracking when the vehicle is running. You can set up notifications for speeding, receive detailed trip reports, and use tracking data to help optimize a driver’s route. 

This GPS tracker is most commonly used for small business applications. Because no wiring is required, this device can also be easily swapped between vehicles as GPS tracking is needed, or several devices can be purchased to monitor a small fleet of professional vehicles. 

Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness

The Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness is a GPS tracking device that is wired directly into the vehicle’s power source, so you can track the vehicle as long as it’s running. The device also comes with a 12-hour backup battery, allowing you to track the vehicle even when it’s not running, especially in the event that it is stolen or loaded onto a tow truck. 

A wired GPS tracking device is one of the most popular options for fleet tracking as it can be connected to the vehicle covertly, even without the driver’s knowledge. With this device, a manager can monitor the vehicle’s speed, route efficiency, idles times, and more, making it possible to ensure complete efficiency with your company vehicles. An internal antenna provides more location accuracy. 

This device is the number one choice for large-scale, long-term fleet management. 

Micro Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness

The Micro is the smaller, more affordable option for users interested in the Wired Fleet Tracking Device with OBD Plug-In Connector or Wiring Harness. The only difference is that the Micro does not feature the backup battery or internal antenna. For this reason, the device is less expensive and offers slightly lower-level capabilities. 

All-in-One GPS Tracking Cloud Software

No matter which device you choose, they all work with the ZascoGPS Cloud Software. With this platform, you will be able to monitor in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Tracking live movement
  • Reviewing breadcrumb trails
  • Viewing detailed travel histories
  • Pinging current locations
  • Creating custom geofences or zones that will trigger alerts if entered or exited
  • Setting up text or email alerts based on speed, motion, or geofence crossing

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