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Find If there is any GPS tracking device on a vehicle

If you are worried that you are being tracked, this article will give you some points where to look for tracker in your vehicle.

Front Bumper Area.

The front bumper is not very commonplace for GPS tracker, because there is a risk to put it here. To look for tracker in the front bumper, you need to take your flashlight and take a deep look in all the corners and crannies that are up under there. When you look for a GPS tracker, first of all, look for tiny boxes, which are usually, black, or other things that doesn’t seem to fit there.

Wheel Wells.

Wheel wells, as well as the front bumper, are quite unlikely areas. In-wheel wells, same as in the front bumper try to look for small boxes, cylinders that seem do not belong and have no function. What is more, you need to remove wheels to look for the tracker. Keep in mind, that the only things that supposed to be behind your wheel are brakes, dampers, and springs. If you will see anything except that, there is a possibility that you find a GPS tracker.

Rear Bumper Area.

Same as in the front bumper area, you can find hidden GPS trackers. There are people who even found some cameras mounted there. In the rear bumper area, the same as in other areas try to look for usual suspects, however, you need to be really careful, not to remove anything that belongs to the car. Keep in mind that in most of the new cars there are some things which are interconnected somehow, and if you will remove things which actually belong to the car, you can cause some damage, so before removing anything, make sure it is really not part of the car.

General Areas.

You also should go over all your car and look for suspicious devices, always keep in mind that satellite signals must “see” the sky, and can be hidden behind metals and thick surfaces. Again, take a flashlight for help, and make sure you checked the whole car outer space and underside.

Internal: Dashboard Area.

Usually, there is a lot of space under your beautiful dashboard inside the car. Inside dashboards, there is plenty of stuff, but keep in mind that there are loads of space hide stuff, too. The most common way to gain access is through your glove box. So first of all, you need to remove the compartment and shine with your flashlight. You will see loads of wires. Usually, those who are installed by the factory are pulled together with plastic strips. So you need to check any suspicious wires, that are different color and appearance, also put your hand underneath the dashboard and try to feel any antennas up there. Repeat the same actions for the driver side, as well. Try to take the panel off and make sure that you use your flashlight because these spaces are usually really dark and dusty.

Internal: Consoles and Such.

What is more, if your car has a sunroof, there is a possibility that GPS devices, antennas and satellites can be installed in alternative locations than a dash. Try to check your wires, try to unscrew any covers. You can also check any suspicious wires underneath the car carpets and seats. Keep in mind that underneath seats, there is heating equipment, so try not to damage it.

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