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How GPS Tracking Works in Vehicles

Global Positioning System or GPS is an assortment of 24 satellites and works with the internet and a digital cellular network. These satellites are continually circling around the world and transmit location-related data to earth on a regular basis. GPS devices are used to receive this data which is subsequently transmitted to a GPS server using the combination of the internet and digital cellar network. The Zasco Gps Server is the place where the information can be shared with anyone in the world.

Tracking Actively or Passively

GPS Tracking can work as both actively and passively. In order to avail of tracking service, it’s important to understand the difference and functions of both forms. With Active Tracking, the receiver transmits signals to receive the data every 60 seconds which is subsequently sent to a remote user. Due to every- minute transaction, the information is always up-to-date and is received in a real-time format.

On the other hand, with passive tracking, the receiver stores data within it which can be downloaded by the user at the end of the day. When it comes to GPS tracking, most users prefer to use real-time tracking services. Though it’s costlier than the ordinary tracking methods, it makes the right choice for locating the objects besides offering a range of benefits to its users.

Covert vs. Open Installation

The covert installation refers to the process of installing a GPS tracking device on the vehicles where its antennas and wires go concealed once the installation process is completed and so nobody can find out the location where the receiver is placed within the vehicle. This feature can be particularly helpful for businesses looking for honest tracking for their assets.

On the other hand, with the open installation process, employees are aware of being watched by their management. Furthermore, open installation is a proven way to help the employees know that their business owner trusts them.

Whether your needs are business or personal based or have any association with the commercial industry, has the best solution to your particular requirements. GPS Tracking can be used to track objects in following areas.

·      Vans, lorries and other vehicles in a fleet tracking business

·      Landscaping, paving or construction

·      Electricians and plumbers

·      Distributors, suppliers, and wholesalers

·      Repair and emergency services

·      Other transportation needs

·      Garage and roof installation

Other unconventional assets including:

·      Ambulances and mobile medical units

·      Taxi cabs and buses

·      Trains

·      Boats

·      Heavy equipment

·      Lawnmowers

·      Street sweepers


There are a number of benefits of using ZASCO GPS tracking services such as the following:

·      Offers reduced overtime

·      Helps users verify timesheet information

·      Comes with increased productivity

·      Offers a more enhanced 24/7 customer service

·      Helps users reduce vehicle mileage and fuel

·      Offers improved routing

·      Enhanced security for the workforce and GPS fleet tracking

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