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How IoT plays a major role in GPS tracking

The acronym IoT stands for the Internet of Things. It seems on the surface to be quite silly, but the term is much deeper and technological than it may seem.

IoT role in Gps Tracking

In essence, IoT is devices that are connected to the main computer for things like data. Most of the GPS enabled fleets on the roads today use IoT as part of their day to day work and logistics.

For most companies, the IoT device is never given much thought. They do not realize that as part of a purchase of a product, such as a GPS for tracking the fleet, IoT plays a major role in the GPS’s daily operation.

There are many different types of IoT Devices, and ZascoGps is a leading manufacturer of them all. Here are a few examples of IoT sensors the company manufactures.

1. Level Sensors – Shipping products, even across town, can lead to issues if not stacked and stored correctly. IoT devices that are manufactured with level sensors can help make sure the products arrive safely and intact. This protects the shipper against fraud when a customer tries to make claims of damage due to leveling issues.

2. Accelerometer sensors – The last thing a company needs is a fleet driver that gets ticketed for speeding or an accident.ZascoGPS help monitors the speed and acceleration of fleet vehicles. This means a safer set of drivers, better insurance rates and happier customers in the long run.

3. Humidity Sensors – Some goods shipped are highly sensitive to changes in humidity. Certain electronics, for example, can easily be damaged if the humidity levels within a container rise to unacceptable levels. Other goods, such as produce, need to have a higher level of humidity maintained, particularly on long-distance shipping. ZascoGPS devices are manufactured to the highest of standards of measurement and quality. Customers can be sure that the sensors installed in devices will detect even the smallest humidity changes so steps can be taken to rectify the situation.

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