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What’s the Best GPS Tracker for Your Car?

Want to always know where your vehicle is? You need a car GPS tracker! This is not the same thing as a navigational GPS.

All GPS trackers share the common function of broadcasting your vehicle’s GPS coordinates periodically, usually to a web browser or smartphone app. While you can use a smartphone as a tracking device, standalone trackers have several benefits.

We’ll show you the best US GPS trackers for various use cases, plus an option for UK readers.

Note: We do not condone the abuse of this technology for non-consensual spying or tracking against someone’s will.

1. Best Overall Car Tracker


The ZASCO Portable GPS Tracker has been around for years. While several competitors have come to market, it still stands as the best all-round car GPS tracker you can buy.

At just 3 x 1.5 x 1 inches, and weighing 3.3 ounces, the tracking unit is small enough to place anywhere in your car inconspicuously. For external attachment, you can purchase a separate weatherproof magnetic case.

ZASCO claims battery life of up to two weeks due to a built-in motion sensor that switches the unit between standby and operation modes to conserve power. The company requires a monthly subscription of $20, which puts it in the middle of the road regarding price. You can cancel the subscription any time, and the company’s promise of “no hidden fees” appears to check out based on customer reviews.

Updating every 10 seconds, the tracker works in conjunction with Google Maps. You can set up alerts via text message or email for unexpected motion, speeding, or leaving a geofenced area you define. Optimus also has an app for Android and iOS that provides all these functions in one place.

As an extra security bonus, an SOS button on the unit will alert chosen users of the its position and time of activation. For an all-round, mid-priced tracker, you’d be hard-pushed to find a better option than this.

2. Best Hidden GPS Tracker


Long considered the best option in consumer GPS vehicle tracking, the SpyTec STI GL300 Mini is still among the most popular. It’s slightly cheaper than the Optimus 2.0, but comes with a more expensive subscription of $25 per month. However, the SpyTec model has a few distinct features that set it aside.

Anti-theft trackers are much like hidden home security cameras: they need to remain undetected to work to their full potential. At just 2 x 1 x 0.8 inches, this tiny tracker is perfect for hiding in a hard-to-find area of your vehicle.

ZASCO GPS also provides a weatherproof magnetic case for hiding in the vehicle undercarriage. Motion sensor-based power saving provides battery life of up to two weeks.

The ZASCO GT-300 provides the same functionality as its competitors, including alerts, geofencing, and integration with Google Maps. For many years there were no native apps for this tracker, though a ZASCO iOS app is now available.

Alongside the base subscription, tiered monthly options at $35 and $45 increase the location updates from every 60 seconds to 30 seconds and 5 seconds, respectively.

3. Best GPS Tracker for Parents

The Best OBD II Car Tracking and Diagnostic Devices

After 30 hours of research, and months of testing eight GPS-equipped plug-in car tracking devices—also known as OBD II (on-board diagnostics) devices—we think the ZASCO GPS is the best value for people who want to track a car’s location, record travel expenses, identify the cause of a check-engine light, or automatically get emergency help after a crash. With its smartphone app, the Automatic Pro is one of the easiest devices to use; it also provides clear trip reports and quickly identifies an engine’s trouble codes. And unlike most models, it integrates with other apps to become even more versatile.

GPS Tracking Car Charger – USB charger and tracker with Live Audio

  • GPS tracker with live audio that plugs into your car’s charging port.
  • Track the vehicle and hear audio from inside the vehicle.
  • Completely incognito. It looks and works exactly like a standard car charger.
  • No battery to charge, it runs on the car’s power.
  • Real-time tracking with 30 second updates.
  • Easy to use tracking from any iOS or Android phone or web browser.

Reliable Real-time tracking
The Car Charger Tracker can be used to track any vehicle anywhere it travels. In addition to being a GPS tracker, it is also a functional USB charger. Easily track any vehicle with our cloud-based apps. The Car Charger Tracker can be tracked from a web browser or any iOS or Android device. You can see everywhere the tracker has been in the past and where it is right now from your phone.

Hear What’s Happening
The Car Charger Tracker lets you hear what’s happening inside the vehicle. To hear live audio from inside the car, simply call the tracker’s phone number. It is completely silent and you will hear a one-way feed of audio from the vehicle.

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