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Where you should Place a GPS Tracker

Location is Everything

If you need to pinpoint the location of a person, vehicle, or asset, GPS (or a global positioning system) is capable of identifying and reporting that information with the highest level of accuracy. Instead of spending several hours a day looking for something or someone, you can simply activate your ZascoGPS tracking device and receive real-time location data. The only difficult part of using one of these systems is determining where to place your tracker in order to ensure a quick recovery.

Where to Place an LGPS Device Within a Vehicle

With GPS tracking technology, thousands of vehicles have been recovered after theft. The use of a hardwired tracker enables you to identify your vehicle’s location in real-time, without concern about battery life. Battery-powered devices, which are smaller and more portable, are also able to be moved from one vehicle or asset to another, giving you flexibility if you need to track different things at different times. Both of these types of devices enable you (and police) to track your missing or stolen vehicle in hopes of recovery. 

A number of LGPS users wonder whether they can install the LGPS tracker in a car without making it obvious, in the event that covert tracking is desired. Below are some suggestions for covert placement: 

  • Under the Vehicle: The Micro Battery-Powered Asset Tracker or the GPS Asset Tracker with 6 Month Battery, for example, offer the option of a weatherproof metal case designed for installation underneath the vehicle. Make sure you mount the case close to the edge of the vehicle, with the antenna pointing down so that the signal can be detected. 
  • On the Dash or Rear Shelf: A clear view of the sky is the most important thing to consider when mounting a GPS tracking device. The dashboard or the rear shelf of the vehicle are common mounting locations and offer great results, as long as you are not concerned about secrecy. If you mount the tracker on the dash, make sure it’s not immediately next to any other location-based devices to avoid interference. 
  • Inside the Dash: If you need covert tracking, a hardwired tracker is the most covert option. The Micro Wired Fleet Tracking Device and the Wired Fleet Tracking Device will be the main options for this application. The devices are installed directly into the vehicle like a car stereo and stowed under the dash, and since they’re powered by the vehicle, you’ll never have to recharge.

Other Uses of GPS Devices for Protecting Valuables

Another concern for business owners or professionals is the potential to lose a briefcase or laptop bag at an airport or public venue, and GPS tracking can aid in the recovery of these assets as well. The Micro Battery Powered Asset Tracker, which is a small, portable tracker, can be placed in your bag or briefcase to help you monitor. A tracking device sewn into the side of the bag can be even less noticeable. Make sure that the tracker is still accessible from the outside as it will need to be removed for recharging. The larger and more elaborate the briefcase is, the easier it will be to install and hide the LGPS unit. 

Other Ways Businesses May Use GPS Tracking Devices

ZascoGPS trackers are useful for a wide variety of business use cases, making them both versatile and valuable for businesses. Some of these additional uses include: 

  • Tracking assets belonging to the company, such as equipment, computers, vehicles, etc. 
  • Tracking assets belonging to customers
  • Keeping tabs on large shipments on trains or boats
  • Monitoring movements of employees on the job 

Our experts are here to help with any advice you may need about ZascoGPS tracker placement and more. 

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