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About ZASCO GPS tracking system

ZASCO GPS developed unique GPS tracking system which meet even most demanding customer requirements and needs. GPS tracking system – powerful tool for convenient use of all benefits of GPS trackers. GPS tracking system and GPS tracker is inseparable combination to get most of location tracking. Using tracking system monitor family, kids, pets, vehicle, bike, boat, fleet, cargo. GPS tracking area offers great opportunities to improve life, increase property and family safety or even start GPS tracking business.

GPS Tracking system – online application which can be reached using regular web browser, no special requirements or skills needed. Create account, connect GPS tracker and monitor real-time location on detailed map.

Due to enormous amount of vehicles and other application areas nowadays, GPS tracking system become high demand product. Thousands of companies and private persons use tracking systems for personal or commercial purpose.

Regular person can track location of family members, kids and pets, stay informed if teen has been speeding. There are dozens of ways of usage, but all of them have the same purpose – to make daily life better. All useful features in one GPS tracking system – it receives, stores and processes information. Data available in diagrams and tables with export option for future analysis. Tracking system stores history and related information to recall routes and events instantly, any time.

GPS tracking system is invaluable for companies, who own vehicles. Track employees, monitor location and get notifications if they have gone of course or misuse company transport, monitor fuel fillings and thefts. System helps to protect corporate assets and reduce maintenance costs. Such systems also are mandatory for tracking business.

ZASCO GPS tracking system closely supports more than 700+ different GPS trackers, including Android and iOS mobile devices. Configure and use wide range of sensors, inputs and outputs, supported by each GPS tracker to achieve individual needs of each customer. If your device is not yet supported, just contact us and we will integrate it so you can start using it with GPS tracking system in no time.

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