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How a CNG Kit helps to reduce pollution

A vehicle with a CNG kit is a mandatory requirement in any urban city. Due to the rising level of pollutions in the cities, the number of people affected by disease like asthma is increasing. A Sequential CNG kit is therefore mandatory to install in all the vehicles. As per the India CNG Vehicle Market analysis report, the market of CNG is going to reach around 30 billion around the year 2014.

In order to install Sequential CNG kits, you will have to visit a CNG Fitment centre in Delhi. These kits are not only less expensive to install, but they also help to reduce the effect of harmful gases in the air to a large extent. There are multiple merits that make CNG the most preferable ones among people.

CNG contains minimum or zero presence of harmful elements such as lead or sulfur, the primary cause of air pollution.  Moreover, the absence of other minerals like benzene and lead increases the longevity of the spark plugs. As a result of this, the amount of carbon emission from a car significantly reduces to a much lower level.

Most of the petrol driven cars have a problem with them. The grease oil tends to mix with the crankcase oil due to which the life of the grease oil reduces. A car which runs on CNG does not disrupt the performance of the grease oil and instead increase its life span.

Use of Compressed natural gas also reduces the possibility of an accident. Since CNG has high ignition, there are very less chances of unwanted fuel ignition. Most of the car accidents occur due to the unexpected fuel ignition in a car. Hence, it is the safest option to install a CNG kit in your car.

Green Fuel Energy is the best CNG kit dealers in Delhi which provides an all round solution to all your CNG needs. Before installing a kit, all the vehicles are first pressure tested.

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