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How to Save Your Motorcycle Theft

The actual Problem

Motorcycles frequently lack anti-theft technology. Motorcycle theft prevention can easily be helped by adding an activated GPS tracker. 2016 National Insurance Crime Bureau state that motorcycle thefts were up 2% to 46,467. As we roll into the summer we’re also at a time when bikes come out of the garage and thefts go up. Some advice given to motorcycle owners includes locking the bike to a stationary, immovable object. There is also advice to lock the forks and disc brakes. Lastly, you can use a motorcycle alarm. While some of the prior advice might work a GPS tracker is also a great idea for motorcycle theft prevention. Deterrents, such as fast theft recovery, help with motorcycle theft prevention.

The Solution

GPS trackers from ZascoGps can easily be placed on the bike. The most convenient GPS trackers are installed on the bike with connection to ground and 12V power from the bike. With an activation, you can get 2 important alerts. One is an alert on disconnect. For example, if you’re having lunch and a potential thief disconnects the battery or somehow removes the GPS tracker. You will immediately get a text to your smartphone and be able to take action. The second important type of alert involves geofencing. Geofencing is a virtual fence that is tripped when your bike is driven out of the area. Let’s say you geofence your town or an area around your house. When you drive out of the area you’ll also get an alert – that just shows you the GPS tracker is working. On the other hand, if the bike is supposed to be in the garage and you get an alert you’ll know something is wrong. A quick alert to the police is invaluable in the recovery of your bike.

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